Femine concsiousness course with Sisterhood of The Sheilds

t’is 12 days from beginning our course of study in line with Lynn Andrews.My choice not to spend this Thanksgiving with family nor friends is serving me well.I feel a much needed strength in actively enjoying my home base this year and the natural beauty around me, we drove out to the lake for a bit yesterday and I gave a prayer of thanks to all of creation Great spirit and Mother Earth.

My dreams are coming fast and very deep with memories of childhood popping in to my reality in wake time now and again.I’m made aware that one moves back to heal then move forward.I spent an hour this morning in meditation and prayer, wit about 20 minutes for Reiki.I felt a heaviness leave me from my back.I know the energy of Love protects me and guides me to wholeness.I trust the Sister’s of The Shield with my life.I’m not sure of my skills as a woman , healer, energy healer, intuitive, writer, singer, composing, nor to what purpose this course  my lead.

I’m always reminded to stop wanting the life you think you want and move into the one GODDESS has waiting for you.Ive been aware now for 30 years that God Goddess is androgynous yet the feeling of knowingness I get in meditation on a course of action is very feminine.I talk to a Saint named Margaret and to a Reiki Master could be an angel,  Ferries , and Saint Francis. God to me is all this and more.We are surrounded by Grace everyday.

Thanks giving dinner was different there was vinegar in the gravy and peas in the pie crust???

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