Tuesday October 14

Yesterday I had a wonderful Thanksgiving supper with my all gifted Grandson Liam.I drove to the lake the day before.Ive been spending time wondering about what I want to accomplish on the month long course.Sometimes they are so full I become overwhelmed so this year I’ve downsized so to speak and focus on my new awareness.I smudge each morning as I have now for 30 year, I have an altar I’m hoping to be able to interrelate with power of Love and creation..Ive only had a smudge stick and abalone shell, my Native friend taught me years ago.Not all my experiences with Natives has been well..I’m getting used to the energy shifting around me while my Taurus soul is deep in Palladian original calm and strength.

Last night I dreamed a church was an office. It was up in the vestry/altar area.I had spilled a cup of coffee and was slowly cleaning it up the cubicles, reassuring everyone all is ok, they can start work.I’m on my knees working away cleaning up dust and water…. a young man wearing my favourite hairstyle comes onto the stage and is singing in a lovely strong powerful tenor voice…….I awaken.

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