October 20, 2014

The fall trees awaken in a brilliance of colors orange, red, brown, pink, and yellow.I open my eyes from the nights sweet dreams I dreamed of my old home with mom and dad.

Its 10:am and Ive just finished a cup of soup, my throat is itchy, my temp is up ever so slightly, and I feel light headed.Not up for any heavy work.I’m three days from beginning my online course with Lynn and once again as so many times before my body is in cleansing, my mind want to see only beauty, my feelings are introspective and deep with longings of connection with kindred spirits.

Ive pens, scribbler, and a few articles for mask making around.

I smudge this morning as every morning and pray that our gathering online be well and create abundance in unconditional love and prosperity.

We are all set to go.

Sisters of The Shields …….with Lynn Andrews

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