about face

Day 7 on the course with The Sisterhood of the Shields and Lynn Andrews.

Ive been moving way to fast and so grateful for Claris one of our moderators, for pointing this out.Feeling very spent at times then well rested  and able to meditate well.I have had many new energy shifts going on around me.I need to do life as the course continues.

Yesterday on our course conference call, Lynn came into me and read my energy.” You have had your heart broken sweetie,” We can heal this “…….I felt the release of my honesty power me into meeting her half way with intention to make me whole……

I shall book a time with her….. for healing…..

I’m so enjoying being with kindred spirits to speak openly about spiritual experiences and a new attitude is forming and I’m hungry for more…..

Yes! Its always been about Spiritual for me…..

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