Renweal of the spirit

This year Ive promised to read all of Lynn Andrews books on Ancient Feminine Healing Ways.Why because I find it enthusiastic inspiring and motivating in a disordered world.I get grounded and feel compassionate and inwardly strong thus reflecting and manifesting this out into my reality and world  around me.The Sisterhood of the Shields came into my life as I was finishing up a vision quest in a series of Native American  Spiritual exercises that encompassed almost 20 years.I was one of two  apprentices to a MiqMa pipecarrier.

Prior to this I woke up in a detox center,was told to pray,left my social standing, primitive ancient bored worn out friends and our hourglass beliefs, flew off over The Wizard of Oz, and landed in a Sweat Lodge ceremony to heal my shadow my spirit and my soul into alignment with the Grace of God, Creation Goddess, of the Universe.Did life get easier? It got better.Did I see Nirvana? I became compassionate.Did I solve all my problems?I became part of the solution!

Early on I knew my inner world was a Dark Madonna,I saw her in dreams,I saw her in the poetry art and faces of the people of Barbados, where I lived for awhile and went to my first Spirit Circle in a Hindi Temple.Ancient Madonna came alive for me here and I prayed to her on an hourly bases.Surrendering my desires for the right action on whatever showed up in my life.There is an energy in and around my body it is Holy Universal Knowing and feels like the God force in Star Wars.

This is the second week of the Course with Lynn online courses and I have so much love flowing in and around me I have to write, this morning I saw in my meditation a forest lovely and fresh,I felt new energy coming into me.I have now been practising my meditations in the ancient medicine wheel.These wheels have been used by Celtic, African, Indian both east and West ,Egyptians for thousands of years.

Last week on Friday I did my first sitting practise in the wheel.Which I shall describe later on in my telling.Saturday morning I woke up for the first time with happiness in my soul and my mind.What will today bring Creator?! Thank you for my life thank you for my recovery message, thank you for my teachers parents and elders.My family and friends.

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