There are persons of care and affection who have made a positive impact on my life and my childish ways of thinking, or my ignorance,learning is fun yet remembering this attitude seems to be illusion at the best of times.some of these people don’t even know they have been there when I most needed them.

I love to sing and was not sure if I could go to,a club as a sober, clean woman and do so, yet the draw ro this creativity lead me to standing out side the window of wrinkles a great music bar down on Lower Water Street one night and as I stood there listening to the pianist playing out on the Mira….I heard Cyril start to sing in his wonderful Scottish tenor voice from heaven.! I had seen him many times in meetings and I knew there was my answer my hope my knowledge that is I took my time was ready to present the day would come for me to share my voice too and it  has many times over and the best part was the day I got to sing with Cyril at a convention for 500 recovering alcoholics. God bless all the voices of the world.

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