The Masks of Power

Its the first of October 2014 and I’m preparing to study with Lynn Andrews and The Sisterhood of The Shields.This is another phase of study encompassing thirty years of dedication and devotion to sacred Universal principles in my promise to myself to heal from addictions and assist others when asked in the likewise effort. I’ve worked in the field of addictions for 11 years, I’ve been a hairdresser, and now a Reiki Energy Healer. Creativity, dedication,¬†steadfastness and desire to live well and clean, have kept me on a Spiritual pathway now for over 30 years.I speak my mind and feelings in all aspects of my life,I use all that is open to me and will go to any lengths to heal, calm, and move forward into greater awareness of the Heart I live from The mind I posses, and the Universe around me.To do this I periodically study with women of other cultures and persuasions.For the most part I avoid religion and groups of doctrine.This allows me the freedom to open dialogue in a more accepting, fragile, and encompassing way so I can tune into my life now my past lives and my future life.I believe we are given signals all around us as we journey yet we are in need of training to “SEE” these signals and omens need a clear emotional viewing.Especially when one has the gift of clairvoyance.DSC03325