There are persons of care and affection who have made a positive impact on my life and my childish ways of thinking, or my ignorance,learning is fun yet remembering this attitude seems to be illusion at the best of times.some of these people don’t even know they have been there when I most needed them.

I love to sing and was not sure if I could go to,a club as a sober, clean woman and do so, yet the draw ro this creativity lead me to standing out side the window of wrinkles a great music bar down on Lower Water Street one night and as I stood there listening to the pianist playing out on the Mira….I heard Cyril start to sing in his wonderful Scottish tenor voice from heaven.! I had seen him many times in meetings and I knew there was my answer my hope my knowledge that is I took my time was ready to present the day would come for me to share my voice too and it  has many times over and the best part was the day I got to sing with Cyril at a convention for 500 recovering alcoholics. God bless all the voices of the world.


Renweal of the spirit

This year Ive promised to read all of Lynn Andrews books on Ancient Feminine Healing Ways.Why because I find it enthusiastic inspiring and motivating in a disordered world.I get grounded and feel compassionate and inwardly strong thus reflecting and manifesting this out into my reality and world  around me.The Sisterhood of the Shields came into my life as I was finishing up a vision quest in a series of Native American  Spiritual exercises that encompassed almost 20 years.I was one of two  apprentices to a MiqMa pipecarrier.

Prior to this I woke up in a detox center,was told to pray,left my social standing, primitive ancient bored worn out friends and our hourglass beliefs, flew off over The Wizard of Oz, and landed in a Sweat Lodge ceremony to heal my shadow my spirit and my soul into alignment with the Grace of God, Creation Goddess, of the Universe.Did life get easier? It got better.Did I see Nirvana? I became compassionate.Did I solve all my problems?I became part of the solution!

Early on I knew my inner world was a Dark Madonna,I saw her in dreams,I saw her in the poetry art and faces of the people of Barbados, where I lived for awhile and went to my first Spirit Circle in a Hindi Temple.Ancient Madonna came alive for me here and I prayed to her on an hourly bases.Surrendering my desires for the right action on whatever showed up in my life.There is an energy in and around my body it is Holy Universal Knowing and feels like the God force in Star Wars.

This is the second week of the Course with Lynn online courses and I have so much love flowing in and around me I have to write, this morning I saw in my meditation a forest lovely and fresh,I felt new energy coming into me.I have now been practising my meditations in the ancient medicine wheel.These wheels have been used by Celtic, African, Indian both east and West ,Egyptians for thousands of years.

Last week on Friday I did my first sitting practise in the wheel.Which I shall describe later on in my telling.Saturday morning I woke up for the first time with happiness in my soul and my mind.What will today bring Creator?! Thank you for my life thank you for my recovery message, thank you for my teachers parents and elders.My family and friends.

about face

Day 7 on the course with The Sisterhood of the Shields and Lynn Andrews.

Ive been moving way to fast and so grateful for Claris one of our moderators, for pointing this out.Feeling very spent at times then well rested  and able to meditate well.I have had many new energy shifts going on around me.I need to do life as the course continues.

Yesterday on our course conference call, Lynn came into me and read my energy.” You have had your heart broken sweetie,” We can heal this “…….I felt the release of my honesty power me into meeting her half way with intention to make me whole……

I shall book a time with her….. for healing…..

I’m so enjoying being with kindred spirits to speak openly about spiritual experiences and a new attitude is forming and I’m hungry for more…..

Yes! Its always been about Spiritual for me…..

Day one

I’m reading and taking it very slow as I begin the Course The Goddess connecting to your divinity within.The course pack is very well laid out and I’m enjoying the reading and contemplating each ones various Divine aspects.Rolling them over in my mind and heart.Writing about hem too maybe even creating for them a poem or a song later on.

Feeling some what better.I’m nervous about having to much on my plate…… or not being able to organised it all……. so I’ll just roll along…

Spoke with Rebecca this am . Much love to her for her support and comfort.

Day two tomorrow

Ive papers all over the desk.Lynn’s cards each day I pick one every four days.I write in my journal and pray twice a day meditate twice a day and ride my bike for 10 minutes, eat sleep and retreat.

Wish I could have a foot massage.

October 20, 2014

The fall trees awaken in a brilliance of colors orange, red, brown, pink, and yellow.I open my eyes from the nights sweet dreams I dreamed of my old home with mom and dad.

Its 10:am and Ive just finished a cup of soup, my throat is itchy, my temp is up ever so slightly, and I feel light headed.Not up for any heavy work.I’m three days from beginning my online course with Lynn and once again as so many times before my body is in cleansing, my mind want to see only beauty, my feelings are introspective and deep with longings of connection with kindred spirits.

Ive pens, scribbler, and a few articles for mask making around.

I smudge this morning as every morning and pray that our gathering online be well and create abundance in unconditional love and prosperity.

We are all set to go.

Sisters of The Shields …….with Lynn Andrews

Tuesday October 14

Yesterday I had a wonderful Thanksgiving supper with my all gifted Grandson Liam.I drove to the lake the day before.Ive been spending time wondering about what I want to accomplish on the month long course.Sometimes they are so full I become overwhelmed so this year I’ve downsized so to speak and focus on my new awareness.I smudge each morning as I have now for 30 year, I have an altar I’m hoping to be able to interrelate with power of Love and creation..Ive only had a smudge stick and abalone shell, my Native friend taught me years ago.Not all my experiences with Natives has been well..I’m getting used to the energy shifting around me while my Taurus soul is deep in Palladian original calm and strength.

Last night I dreamed a church was an office. It was up in the vestry/altar area.I had spilled a cup of coffee and was slowly cleaning it up the cubicles, reassuring everyone all is ok, they can start work.I’m on my knees working away cleaning up dust and water…. a young man wearing my favourite hairstyle comes onto the stage and is singing in a lovely strong powerful tenor voice…….I awaken.

Femine concsiousness course with Sisterhood of The Sheilds

t’is 12 days from beginning our course of study in line with Lynn Andrews.My choice not to spend this Thanksgiving with family nor friends is serving me well.I feel a much needed strength in actively enjoying my home base this year and the natural beauty around me, we drove out to the lake for a bit yesterday and I gave a prayer of thanks to all of creation Great spirit and Mother Earth.

My dreams are coming fast and very deep with memories of childhood popping in to my reality in wake time now and again.I’m made aware that one moves back to heal then move forward.I spent an hour this morning in meditation and prayer, wit about 20 minutes for Reiki.I felt a heaviness leave me from my back.I know the energy of Love protects me and guides me to wholeness.I trust the Sister’s of The Shield with my life.I’m not sure of my skills as a woman , healer, energy healer, intuitive, writer, singer, composing, nor to what purpose this course  my lead.

I’m always reminded to stop wanting the life you think you want and move into the one GODDESS has waiting for you.Ive been aware now for 30 years that God Goddess is androgynous yet the feeling of knowingness I get in meditation on a course of action is very feminine.I talk to a Saint named Margaret and to a Reiki Master could be an angel,  Ferries , and Saint Francis. God to me is all this and more.We are surrounded by Grace everyday.

Thanks giving dinner was different there was vinegar in the gravy and peas in the pie crust???